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Authentic Sindhi Vegetarian Biryani

International Vegetarian Main Course Special
Sindhi/Baluchi Cuisine
Authentic Sindhi Vegetarian Biryani
Serves about 4 

Pakistani Basmati Rice (Extra Long Grain Aromatic)- 500 Grams
Onion Rings- Fried to Dark Brown & Caramelized- For Garnish
Minced Ginger- 3 Tbsp.
Minced Garlic- 1 Tbsp.
Onions- 3 No’s, Finely Sliced
Plain Yoghurt- 100 Grams
Cloves- 7 to 8
Cardamon- 5-6 & 8 to Boil with Basmati Rice
Cinnamon Quills/Sticks- 4-5
Red Chilli Powder
Turmeric Powder
Bay Leaves
Fresh Cardamon Powder
Cumin Powder
Coriander Powder
Cumin Seeds
Black Pepper Powder
Whole Black Cardamon- 3 to 4
Dried Plums- 8 to 10 No’s
Boiled Potatoes- 4, Washed, Boiled Unpeeled & Halved
Sultanas, Almonds, Walnuts & Cashews

In a Hard Anodized Pan, Cook Sliced Onions till Translucent
Add Minced Ginger-Garlic & Plain Yoghurt
Add 7-8 Cloves, 5-6 Cardamon, 4-5 Cinnamon Sticks, Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Paprika, Bay Leaves, Fresh Cardamon Powder, Cumin Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Seeds, Black Pepper Powder, 3-4 Whole Black Cardamon, Dried Plums Sour & Sweet specially used in Biryani, Mix Well, 1 Cup of Water, 3 Green Chillies, Salt, Cover & Cook for 45 Minutes

Soak Basmati Rice for 30 Minutes
In Boiling Water, add Cardamon Seeds & use the Rapid Boiling Technique to Cook the Basmati Rice

To Half the Rice, Add Saffron Strands Briefly Soaked in Milk

Add Sliced Tomato, Fresh Chopped Coriander Leaves, Fresh Chopped Mint Leaves, Green Chillies to Vegetable Mixture, Cover & Cook for 15 Minutes

In a Large Rectangular Serving Plate, layer the Cardamom Infused Steamed Rice, Vegetable Curry, Saffron Rice, Handful of Fresh Mint Leaves, Chopped Green Chillies & Coriander, Boiled Potatoes, Steamed Rice, Saffron Rice, Onion Rings, more Fresh Mint Leaves, Tomatoes & Green Chillies, Sultanas, Almonds,  Walnuts & Cashews

Serve with Kachumbar (Made with Red Onions Vinegar, Lettuce, Tomatoes), Mint Sauce called Raita (Made with Yoghurt, Mint Cumin, Salt)

There are many versions of the Biryani but the Best Biryani comes from the Sindh Province of Pakistan
Biryani is one of the Celebration Dishes prepared for every Occasion in Families in Huge Quantities

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :) 

Sindhi/Baluchi Cuisine

Sindhi/Baluchi Cuisine 

The Fertile Valleys & the Sea of Sind province; to Pastoral Baluchistan, from neighboring Iran; to the Punjab with its Five Rivers and the Rugged North West Frontier, home of the Chappli Kebabs
Indian Cooking Style along with Middle Eastern Techniques, Pakistani Cuisine is more of Meat Based compared to Indian Cuisine which is Vegetable Based

Ghee has a Higher Burning Point which leads to more flavours being released from the Spices & is essential along with Mustard Oil 

Buy Small quantities of the Spices to retain the flavours like Coriander Seeds & Powder, Cumin Seeds & Powder, Red Chillies like Kashmiri give subtle flavour, Crushed Chilli Seeds, Cloves, Green & Black Cardamom, Garam Masala, Dried Plums, Saffron, Dried & Whole Pomegranate Seeds

A Deep Clay Oven Tandoor is an essential part of the Pakistani Cuisine even now as it had originated here
The Intense Heat in the Middle is best to Cook any Meat, Seafood, Vegetables etc while the Sides of the Oven are utilized to Cook the Breads
The Bread that comes out of the Tandoor is Crispy on Bottom & Soft on the Top
The Unleavened Water Based Bread is called Roti & the Leavened Yeast Based Bread is called Naan which has Milk/Yoghurt added to give a Richer Consistency

Interestingly, Food Wise the Pakistani People are divided into two Groups, those who like Bread and/or Rice with their Meal & those who like Delicious Rice with the Meal
Almost every Pakistani likes to have a Sweet Ending to their Meal like Sugar Coated Fennel Seeds, Halwa, Jalebi etc.
Few Starters in the Cuisine are Given Below:

Recipe for Tandoori Paneer/ Tandoori Assorted Vegetables
In Plain Yoghurt, Mix Ginger Paste Garlic Paste Tandoori Paste Curry Powder Cumin Seeds Coriander Powder just little Garam Masala Salt Red Chillies Flakes Turmeric Mix Well
Mix with Hands & for the Mixture to fully Marinates through into the Paneer/Vegetables
The Secret to a Great Tandoor Recipe is the Right Blend of Spices 

The Food from the Remote North-West frontier of Pakistan especially the Baluchistan & Sindh Province is yet to be untapped
Traditional Pakistani/Afghani Dumplings (Mantu)
These are Easy to prepare and Enjoyed by one & all!

In Vegetable Oil/Ghee, Add the Minced Paneer/Vegetables & Saute
After the Water is reduced, Add Chopped Onions, Garlic, Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder, Chilli Powder & Saute
The Spices need to Cook to avoid the Raw Taste, Set Aside to Cool when done
On a Single Wonton Wrapper, Put a Spoonful of Filling in the Middle, Moisten the ends with Water changes Color, Fold the Opposite sides Press Gently to Seal, the Top needs to be as thin as possible
Steam for about 15 Minutes till the Pastry becomes Translucent
Garnish with Plain Yoghurt & Sprinkle with Fresh Chopped Coriander

Clarified Butter (Ghee):
To make Ghee, gently melt Unsalted Butter on Low Heat
After time the Butter will form Three different Layers- the Foam on Top (which is skimmed off and discarded), the Milk Solids (which will Sink to the bottom) & the Ghee will be left in the Middle

English- Saffron
Hindi- Kesar/Zafran
Telugu- Kunkumapuvvu

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Lemongrass & Chilli Flavoured Pad Thai Noodles

Thai Cuisine
Lemongrass & Chilli Flavoured Pad Thai Noodles
Serves 2

Ching’s Secret Pad Thai Noodles- 1 Packet
Onions- 1 Medium, Finely Sliced
Spring Onions- 5 No’s, Finely Sliced
Carrots- 1 Medium, Finely Sliced
French Beans- 8-10, Finely Sliced
Baby Corn- 4, Finely Sliced
Fresh Coriander Leaves- 2 Tbsp., Finely Chopped
Peanuts- 2 Tbsp., Dry Roasted & Coarsely Crushed

Heat Water in a Deep Bottomed Non Stick Pot
Put the Noodles in Boiling Water, Drain & Keep Aside
Heat Oil in a Non Stick Wok
Add Onions, Spring Onions, Carrots, French Beans, Baby Corn & Stir Fry on High Flame
Add the Seasoning & Mix Well
Add the Noodles gently & Mix well
Serve Hot with Peanuts, Spring Onions & Coriander Leaves

The Thai Rice Noodles tend to get sticky; So after boiling in Hot Water, Drain, Sprinkle some Oil & Separate them Strand by Strand

Ching’s Secret Pad Thai Noodles are Stir Fry Rice Noodles available in Different Seasonings like Original Pad Thai, Extra Thai Hot Chilli, Green Curry

Can Add available variety of Assorted Vegetables like Green, Red & Yellow Bell Peppers 

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Potatoes Cooked with Fresh Green Peas & Sweet Corn (Aloo Matar Makke Ki Sabzi)

North Indian Vegetarian Main Course Special
Punjabi/Uttar Pradesh Cuisine
Simple Preparation of Potatoes Cooked with Fresh Green Peas & Sweet Corn (Aloo Matar Makke Ki Sabzi) 
Serves 2

Extra Light Olive Oil/Olive Pomace Oil- 1.5 to 2 Tbsp.
Potatoes- 2 Medium, Peeled & Cubed
Sweet Corn (American Bhutta)- 2 Tbsp.
Fresh Green Peas- 2 Tbsp.
Onion- 1 Small, Finely Chopped
Cumin Seeds (Jeera)- ½ Tsp.
Mustard Seeds (Rai)- ½ Tsp.
Turmeric Powder (Haldi)- 1 Tsp.
Red Chilli Powder- 1 Tsp.
Salt- To Taste
Fresh Coriander Leaves-2 Tbsp., Finely Chopped

Heat Oil in a Non Stick Skillet (Kadhai)
Add Jeera & Sauté till Seeds Crackle
Add Onions & Sauté till Translucent
Add Haldi, Red Chilli Powder, Salt, Potatoes, Peas, Corn, and Cover to Cook till Vegetables are Done
Garnish with Coriander Leaves

Serve this Simple Dish with either South Indian (Piping Hot Steamed Rice, Tomato Pappu & Nimmakaaya Charu) or a North Indian Meal on a Cold Winter Day & Enjoy it as Comfort Food!

Can use Frozen Peas & Corn  to quickly prepare this Recipe
If using Fresh Peas & Corn, to ensure faster cooking, parboil these before adding with Potatoes

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Assorted Vegetables & Cottage Cheese Jalfrezi

Indian Vegetarian Main Course Special
Punjabi Cuisine
Assorted Vegetables & Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Jalfrezi
Serves 2

Extra Light Olive Oil/Olive Pomace Oil- 1 Tbsp.

Dried Red Chillies- 1, Broken
French Beans- 8-10 No’s
Carrots- 1 Medium
Sweet Corn- 2 Tbsp.
Fresh Green Peas- 2 Tbsp.
Fresh Cottage Cheese (Paneer)- 2 Tbsp.
Onion- 1 Small
Tomatoes- 1 Medium, Chopped
Turmeric Powder (Haldi)- 1Tsp.
Red Chilli Powder (Kuti Lal Mirch)- 1 Tsp.
Salt- To Taste
Garam Masala Powder- 1 Tsp.
Fresh Coriander Leaves- 2 Tbsp.

Wash, Clean, Trim both Ends and Finely Cut French Beans in Juliennes
Wash, Peel, Finely Cut Carrots in Juliennes
Finely Slice Paneer into Juliennes
Par Boil French Beans, Carrots, Corn, Peas & Keep Aside
Heat Oil in a Non Stick Skillet (Kadhai)
Add Jeera & as they Crackle add Red Chillies
Add Onions & Sauté
Add Haldi, Red Chilli Powder, Salt, Assorted Parboiled Vegetables & Mix well
Add Tomatoes & Keep Stirring
Add Paneer & Gently Stir for some more Time
Garnish with Coriander & Serve Fresh with Roti, Salad, Dal, Curd/Raita!!

or just serve Hot with Phulkas!  

Commonly found in Indian Restaurants in India & abroad alike, Jalfrezi is India’s Version of the Chinese Stir Fry with Spices
An Easy to Make Recipe with Frozen Vegetables Stocked up in the Freezer!
Can Add Finely Sliced Baby Corn, Zucchini, Asparagus & Portabella Mushrooms as well
Can add Green Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper & Red Bell Pepper (1 Each) cut in Juliennes

Can add Vinegar as is traditionally added towards the end of the Dish

Feel free to share your views & do let us know how this one turned out :)

English Cuisine- Decadence Unlimited!

British/English Cuisine

People regularly visit the Farmer's Market for Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
Handmade Pork Pie Stall
Fresh Seafood & Fish Stall
Brown Eggs

Leftover cuts of Meat were the Peasent's Favorite Food 

 Centuries ago, every Village & Town had its own Unique Sausages from Lincolnshire Pork & Sage, Cambridge, Cumberland Pork Thick, Blood Sausage etc.
Gamon is Ham Steak (made with Bacon Leg)
Famous Traditional Blood Sausage/Black Pudding/Sausage (made with Pig's Blood, Rye, Oatmeal, Onion, Barley, Spices etc.)

Famous Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding from Yorkshire:
Boneless Beef (Scotch) Rolled in Flour 2 Tbsp.
Seal the Meat in about 2 Tbsp. Oil
When well Coated, stick in some Rosemary Sprigs in the Meat
Bake for 1 Hour for about 1 Kg Meat

For Pudding:
Whisk Eggs with Full Cream Milk
Mix the Egg Mix with Flour (sifted with Baking Powder Salt)
Pour some Water in the Pudding Pan

Farm House produced Dairy Cheeses are consumed like the Blue Cheese, Goat & Sheep Milk Cheese

Seafood dominates in Fish & Chips

the Famous Pork Pies are a Hunting Community essential 

Roll Mops

Pigs in Blanket

Roly Poly

English Favorite Eggy Bread BLT:
Stale Sourdough/French Baguette/Ciabatta- 1 Loaf cut into 3, six inch loaves & halved
Bacon- 6 to 8 strips without the Rinds
Free Range Eggs- 6
Milk- 2 Tbsp.
Extra Light Olive Oil- 1 Tbsp.
Tomatoes- 2, Finely Sliced
Rocket Leaves- 25 Grams
Dijon Mustard- 1 Tbsp.
Mayonnaise- 2 Tbsp.
Sea Salt & Black Pepper- For Seasoning
Tomato Ketchup

Whisk Eggs, Salt & Milk
Soak the Bread in Eggs for about a minute on one side

Heat Oil Add Bacon Strips & on medium heat Fry till Crisp
Set aside on a Kitchen Paper

Toast the Bread by placing the cut side down & cook for 1-2 Minutes till Golden Brown on each side

Spread Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard, cripsy Bacon, Lettuce thick Tomato Slice, cracked Pepper & Dijon Mustard on the Toast with

English Favorite Eggy Bread by Nigella Lawson:
For Cinnamon Plums:

250ml/9fl oz Cranberry Juice
100g/3½oz Caster Sugar
500g/1lb 2oz Plums
1 Cinnamon Stick

For Eggy Bread:

2 Free-Range Eggs
60ml/2½fl oz Full-Fat Milk
½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 tbsp Sugar
4 large slices Stale White Bread
2 tbsp soft, Unsalted Butter

In Cinnamon Stick Whole Plums Syrup

Eggs Cinnamon Powder
Soak the Bread Slices in Egg Mixture
Heat Butter & Toast the Eggy Bread
Top with Plums & Scarlett Syrup

Beetroot is also used extensively

Classic British Hot Sticky Pudding Cooked Golden Syrup in a Tin:
Whisk Castor Sugar Unsalted Butter
Add Eggs & Whisk
Add Caramel Extract (Dark Caramel Deglazed in Water), Baking Powder & Flour
Put in Fridge till Afternoon
For Extra Flavour add the Tea Bag
Put 2 Big Spoons of Golden Syrup in the Tin, Fill Halfway through with the Batter
Clean the Sides of the Tin
On a Baking Tray in the Oven  
When Done, Cut the Top Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream

Beetroot Pudding:
Antioxidants Energy Aphrodisiac
Peel Beetroot, Grate
Golden Castor Sugar & Vegetable Oil are combined to make Syrup
Expensive Vanilla Pods
Separate the Eggs Yolks from the Whites
Add Grated Beetroot & Chopped Nuts (Hazelnuts, Walnuts) in the Vanilla Syrup
Mix Flour, Egg Yolks, Little Milk & Whisk
Whip the Egg Whites till Stiff Peaks Form & Gently fold in the Egg Whites with the Cake Batter just enough to make the Batter Fluffy
Pour this Mixture in the Greased Rectangular Loaf Tin
Keep the Batter to bake in the Oven on Medium Heat for about 30 Minutes
With a Brush, Apply the Diluted Apricot Jam Loosened with Little Hot Water for a Glazed effect
Cut in Slices & Serve Warm!

Fusion Version of the Classic Burnt Creme Brulee:
In a Food processor, Add Chopped Lemon Grass, Whole Vanilla Pod (No Need to Scrape the Pods), Fresh Ginger 2 Inch Piece & Whisk
To Infuse the Milk with
Add Double Cream & Milk in a Sauce Pan
Add Lemongrass-Vanilla-Ginger in it & Mix Well
Stir till it starts to Boil
Whisk Eggs & Sugar
Add Castor Sugar & Whisk
Can keep the Crème to soak in nicely & can bake just the Guests arrive
Add the Infused Milk & Whisk
Strain the Lemon Grass- Ginger-Vanilla out of the Batter
In a Shallow Ceramic Baking Dish, Pour the Batter & Keep to Bake for about 45 Minutes
When Cooked & Chilled Add the Demerara Sugar (Best for Brulee) on Top of the Brulee
With a Torch Burn the Sugar Carefully & Blow any Extra Smoke
Check to see that the top should be Crispy!

Can Add Lavender, Fresh Berries instead of the Asian Flavours

Eggnog Trifle with Mixed Berries Compote- The Traditional Trifle turned into a Decadent Dessert!

Gently mix 350 Grams of Fresh Berries (Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries or can add Cranberries during Christmas also!) with 3 Tbsp. Icing Sugar & 3 Tbsp. Grand Marnier (Orange Alcohol/Liquor) till Sugar dissolves & Coats the Berries
We would need about 12 Soft Amaretti Biscuits for this Recipe
In a Serving Bowl, Layer the Amaretti biscuits
In another Bowl, Fold 250 Grams of Mascarpone Cheese with 50 Grams of Castor Sugar early ahead & can keep it Refrigerated
In the Serving Bowl, add 6 Tbsp. of Bonne Maman Preserves like a Layer (this is one of the Good Blackberry Preserve/Concord or for a Homemade Recipe, Reduce the Fresh Berries on Stove with Sugar & Let it Cool)
Then add the Berries Mixture, Whipped Cream & Chill in Fridge

For Eggnog Custard:
In a Mixing Bowl, Whisk 2 Large Egg Yolks thoroughly
Add 2 Tbsp. Sugar, 2 Tbsp. Of Corn Flour & Whisk until Pale
In a Sauce Pan, Heat 300 Ml. of Milk till Warm but do not boil
Add this Warm Milk to the Sugar-Corn Flour Bowl & Whisk
Return this Mixture to the Sauce Pan & Heat till it Thickens
Add this Eggnog Mixture in the Bowl & Whisk
Add 3 Tbsp. Of Advocaat Liquor & ¼ Tsp. of Pure Vanilla Extract & Whisk till Smooth
Spoon this onto the Berry Trifle on top of the Whipped Cream Layer in the Trifle
Crumble the rest of the Amaretti Biscuits on top of the
Add the Rest of the Berries on Top
Dust Icing Sugar & Serve Fresh!

This Trifle has Flavours of Berries, Orange, Amaretti Biscuits, Mascarpone Cream in this Dessert

Summer Pudding:
Boil Fresh Strawberry, Blue Berries, Mulberries with Stock made with equal quantity of Water & Sugar
Strain this Mixture to get the Pulp
Pour on the Bread& Rest for some more time

Heat the Sauce with some Leftover Fruit
In Separate Pudding Moulds, Set the Soaked Bread first, then the Soaked Fruits, then the Soaked Bread on top to Chill in the Fridge
Serve with Cream


Neal’s Yard Dairy From The British Isles has a factory is located in Druid Street London
Randolph Hodgson has brought a renewed interest in Cheese making for this Generation

David Lockwood

this place has shifted the interest from the Industrial Cheeses to handmade Cheeses since 1980's
Neal's Yard Creamery brand Charie Westhead

Organic Greek Style Cheese

Hawkstone Abbey Farm run by Paul & mother Lucy Appleby
make the ancient Cheddar Cheese made from Raw Unpasteurized Milk wrapped in cloth through maturation

Mrs Kirkham's Traditional Lancashire Farm made Cheese run by Graham Kirkham
made with unpasteurized Raw Milk through use of home made starters

Wensyldale Creamery Hawks Cheese run by Richard Clark
located in a beautiful place in North Yorkshire

England's most famous Blue Cheese made only from Unpasteurized Raw Milk

Collingsthwaite Farm, a small Dairy started making Blue Cheese this way in North Nottingham

Stichelton Dairy in North Nottingham
run by Joe Schneider is reviving this tradition of Cheese making so it doesn't diminish
9 months old Cheese- as it is made with less Rennet tastes like soft Butter

Welbeck Estate run by Joe Schneider
their shop has many tourists showcases their Organic Dairy Farm & Products like the Welbeck Stichelton Cheese

Holker Farm run by Martin Gott

Perroche made from fresh, unpasteurized English Goat’s Cheese

Red Leicester Cheese

St. Gall, St. James Cheese

Spenwood Cheese

Finn Cheese

Tymsboro Cheese

Roast is an eatery located on the 1st Floor
English Breakfast Toast Sausages Bacon Eggs

In Australia:

Bob's British Butchery in Suburban Melbourne catering to the English & Ireland Taste buds

Shaun's Kitchen in Melbourne

Grandmother's Handy Tips- Beauty

Fight Dry Skin this Winter With Home Remedies:

Avoid Warm Water for Face Wash & Extremely Hot Water for Shower during Winters and even otherwise in other Seasons as well. Face tends to lose moisture easily in Winters & Cold Water would be appropriate to Seal in the moisture.
Aloe Vera

Almond Oil
Apply Avocado Paste & Fresh Lime Juice as Face Pack for about 15 Minutes, Wash off with both Warm & Cold Water & see the Results!
Castor Oil
A Mashed Ripe Banana applied as Face Pack for about 10 Minutes & washed off would work wonders for Dry Skin as well
Egg Yolks applied on Face for about 10 Minutes gives a Great Boost of Moisture, helps prevent Wrinkles,  Loose Skin & Aging!
Cooked Oats Powder & Honey make for a Great Face Cleanser!

Blend soaked Chick Peas/Kabuli Chana (about 2 Tbsp.) blended with Yoghurt (about 2 Tbsp.) applied to Hair Root & Length as a Hair Pack helps with Dandruff & Healthy Hair Growth (both the quantities will depend on the Hair Volume & Length)

Grandmother's Handy Tips- Seasonal

Winter's Special Remedies to Keep Warm:

Drink nice Warm Milk before Bedtime with Sugar & Pure Ghee, it does works!!
Occasionally, Drink nice Warm Milk with Sugar & Stone Crushed Almonds
Have Figs (Anjeer) Twice Weekly
Have White Muesli
Have Split Black Gram Lentil (Urad Dal) preparations frequently, like Dals, Kheer etc.

Grandmother's Handy Tips- Kitchen Related

Grandmother's Handy Tips- Kitchen Related

To Retain the Green Color of Leafy Vegetables even after they are cooked, Cook them Uncovered for the First few minutes. Then Add a few Drops of Lime Juice or Vinegar when they are almost done. This should retain the Greenness
To Clean Cauliflower thoroughly, always separate the Cauliflower florets and keep them soaked in Salt & Turmeric Infused Hot Water for 10 Minutes to get rid of the Tiny Worms/Insects that may be sometimes present Deep inside the Florets and not visible to the Eye
A slice of Bread can soften the Hardened Brown Sugar if placed in the Sugar
For Perfectly Shaped Cakes, First Grease the Baking Container & Line it with Butter Paper
After grating Cheese, grate a raw potato to clean the Cheese out of the Grater holes
While Cooking in a Handi, to avoid the Food from Burning Keep a Griddle (Tawa) below. This Tip would be  most useful while Cooking any Pulao/Biryani in a Handi
While using Food Coated with Paprika, we have to be careful as it Scorches easily and becomes Bitter
To Avoid a Mushy Filling in Apple Pie, Try putting Apple Cubes instead of Slices. The Cubes hold up the Upper Crust better and allow Better Distribution of Sugar and Seasonings
For any Recipe, Crush the Dried Herbs Before Putting in to release their Fragrance
Dal Cooks faster if Oil is applied on it before cooking as the Proteins get a little Soft beforehand this way. What’s more, to make it Easier for us most commonly used Toor Dal is sold Rubbed with Oil (called Madhi Toor Dal) & Packed for convenience!
Remove the Stems from Green Chillies & Keep in a Ziploc Bag before refrigerating them. This Helps to Retain their Freshness for a long time
These Below 3 Tips comes from our South Indian Households- While soaking Rice & Urad Dal for Idli-Dosa, it is Important to Clean & Wash Both thoroughly many times before Soaking. Later Try to Use the Soaked water while grinding as if the Rice & Dal are Washed after Soaking, Most Vitamins will be Lost
While grinding the Batter for Idli, 1 Cup of Beaten Rice Flakes (Poha) Soaked with 5 Cups of Rice will be useful as Idli turns much Softer and Lighter
Also, Crisp Golden Dosas are easily achieved by Adding a Tsp. of Fenugreek Seeds (Methi) in the Soaked Urad Dal & then Grind it
While Preparing Vadas, Watery Batter can cause the Oil to Splatter during Frying. Add a Tbsp. of Ghee to the batter & See the Magic!
Soak Washed Rice in water for at least 10 Minutes before cooking to avoid Sticky Rice. If you forget to do this, then a Tsp. of Oil can be added to get Separate Grains in the Cooked Rice
A little Soda Water added to Our Favourite Fruit Juice can add that extra Zing & Bubble to our Drink!
A Tsp. of Cold Water added to the Egg White can help expedite the Whipping Process!
To Separate Egg White from Yolk, Break the Egg into a Funnel Set over a Bowl so that the White glides through & the Yolk stays back in the Funnel
To Prevent the Eggs from Spoiling in summer, apply some Oil on the Egg surface
Add & gently blend a Raw Egg/ some Milk or Cream with the Scrambled Eggs if they tend to get too Firm
Using Powdered Citric Acid Crystals helps it blend into the Recipe much easily before adding to any Preserve/ Murabba, etc.
After Bananas have ripened, refrigerate them to help slow down ripening. The skin will turn dark brown, but this does not damage the fruit inside
To keep the Fresh Soft Dates retain their Freshness for weeks, Dates should be refrigerated in Ziploc/any Plastic Bag
For a Great tasting Flavour, Fruits like Grapes, Plums & Pears should be allowed to Ripen at Room Temperature before refrigerating
To Soften the Hardened Solidified Jam,  Add a little Hot Water to the Required Amount of Jam & Stir
After removing Pickle from the bottle, always press it back into the Oil layer using a rubber spatula or spoon. Make sure the Pickle is fully submerged in the Oil to prevent it from getting spoiled
For a Fruit Cocktail, dip the Glass Rims in Lemon Juice, next Gently Dab Confectioners’ Sugar on the Rims & then place them in the Refrigerator for about 20 Minutes to create a Frosted Look on the Glasses
To retain the Green colour of the Vegetables even after cooking, just Add a Pinch of Turmeric Powder in the Oil before adding them
To make a perfect Bhatura, roll out small portions of the Maida Dough into small Puris, cover with a damp cloth. Roll them out to the desired size just before Frying
A Piece of Blotting Paper at the bottom of the Storage Container will keep Biscuits/Cookies Fresh for a Longer time
When the Sliced Onions are Caramelized, Add Salt to help in the Caramelizing Process as well as to stop the onions from Burning 
Rinsing Long-grain White Rice before cooking removes excess starch, thus helping the rice cook more evenly and be less sticky. Some Special Rice Varieties such as Basmati is always rinsed and soaked before cooking to obtain Separate, perfectly cooked grains. However, some other rices such as Arborio, known for its High Starch Content in the Risotto is never rinsed!
Adding a little Cornstarch to the Gram Flour (Besan) Batter Results in Crispy Fritters (Pakoras)
About ½ Tsp. of Salt added in the Onions will help Brown them Faster while Frying

Use Finely Chopped Spinach in Lentil Preparation (Dals) and Vegetables Curries instead of chopped Coriander as it is more nutritious and rich in Iron content

Always make sure that any remaining Water in the Frying Pan/Skillet has evaporated completely before pouring Oil to avoid risk of Splutter

Express Ice Cubes can be prepared faster by leaving a few Ice Cubes intact before refill the tray with water as the old Cubes chill the water by Convection process and allows the Water to convert to Ice in less than no time!

When Barbecuing Food, Oil the barbecue lightly before adding the food, also oil the Skewers, Tongs and Barbecue to help to prevent it from Sticking